Community Empowerment

Alchemy Social Development

This project facilitates community development operations in distant areas that contribute to the mining labor force. The initiative includes locally-based community development trusts, with community representatives.

Mine Rehabilitation Engineering and Design

We provide engineering and design services for mine rehabilitation projects at several derelict/abandoned mine sites. CooperLemon deploys a multidisciplinary team to assist in identifying site-specific risks for which remedial measures are required.

Our experience reinforces Cooperlemons knowledge about appropriate and practical solutions when dealing with contaminated sites and the need to use a dynamic approach that is tailored to the risks presented by specific factors at each site.

Authorization Process Support

CooperLemon consultancy is well-affiliated to organizations and departments that are essential to the speedy processing of authorizing documentation from the exploration to the closure. We draft documents on behalf of our clients in a professional manner whilst ensuring that all laws are fervently upheld.